Good morning to all our readers, and welcome to this post on our blog. Today we will talk a little about the Maximator air amplifiers, which are ideal for compressed air or nitrogen pressurization and are distinguished by the fact that the units are capable of increasing normal pressures of 4 or 6 bar, up to the pressures desired.

The air amplifiers are operated with a compressed air line and come with several amplification ratios, likewise can be supplied with your pneumatic control unit.

The desired operating pressure can be adjusted by a pneumatic control unit, according to the different pressure ratios.

How air amplifiers work?

This is a very important question, because many times we use one of these devices and we do not really know what they have inside them and how they work. So if you’ve asked yourself about how they work, now we’ll tell you. Each amplifier has a spool valve that acts as a 4-way directional control valve. The air from the compressor is sent to the spool valve, which performs its switching cycles; then, the air from the line that is fed by the spool valve is alternately routed, according to the spool cycle, to the main piston, driven by air in the air cylinder. This causes the piston to cycle back and forth on the amplifier.

Also, there is a high pressure section where the air that has been pressurized is placed. The air flows into the pressure chamber of the amplifier through the entry check valves, in the suction stroke and is pressed out of the chamber, through the outlet check valves, in the discharge stroke.

According to the needs of each client and the work that is going to be done, there are simple and double models available. Simple amplifiers displace the air once per cycle. The double amplifiers displace air in each stroke or twice per cycle, providing greater and constant flows. On the other hand, these amplifiers can be installed in any position, but the vertical placement is the best for a longer life of the seals.

We can offer you from a booster or intensifier to a complete amplification system, so we invite you to visit our page and review our catalog, and so you know all the options we have available to you.

Air amplifier systems, which are complete units, can also pressurize compressed air or nitrogen.

These units are able to increase common pressures from 4 or 6 bar to 300 bar, and such systems do not need electrical power, since they use a source of compressed air, which ensures a quick installation and a low cost operation, so that they are eco-friendly, a feature that is undoubtedly much appreciated today.

Another advantage is that the air amplification systems can be controlled to stop automatically. Once the system has reached the desired pressure, it will be activated again when there is a drop of 1% of the pressure in comparison to the desired pressure, and can be integrated with tanks of different capacities; we can also integrate them with different pressure reasons.

Now we want to talk about some applications that can be given to these systems that are very versatile devices. And they are the following:

  • Cleaning of burners.
  • Filling of tires with pressures of 16 bar.
  • Cleaning of paint sprays.
  • Increase the pressure to useful levels in the workshop or plant.
  • It can be used in workstations and equipment with limited space.
  • High pressure air cleaning for areas involved in welding.
  • Increase the efficiency of pneumatic tools and machinery.
  • Increase air pressure for removal of parts, gate valves, and / or automation equipment for plastic injection.
  • Increase the pressure for component testing stations.
  • It can help us save money by increasing the air pressure only where we need it and by reducing the pressure of the line.
  • Actuation of valves.

Now, speaking of all the fields and industries in which the air amplifiers can be applied, we will mention the following:

  • The automotive industry.
  • Sawmills.
  • Painting stations.
  • The pharmaceutical industry.
  • The chemical industry.
  • The metal-mechanic industry.
  • Oil and gas.
  • Plastic injection.
  • And, any application or industry where compressed air is involved.

Finally, and after you’ve read this little introduction to amplifiers, their variants and their applications, we are sure you’ll want to visit us or get in touch with us. At Maxiprestec we can offer you a large number of products related to high pressure and flow, with the guarantee of knowing that you will be acquiring a quality product, which also meets the highest international standards. So whether you are looking for items, you want to develop some type of a project, you need a repair of high pressure equipment, a reengineering or technical advice for any reason, our highly trained team will help you with pleasure. Contact us; we have wide experience and the most professional advice and customer service on the market. We hope this post has been useful for you and that you do not miss our following articles on