Maxipresstec not only has the equipment to generate the pressure, we also have all the elements to interconnect them with the applications. The high pressure hose is a steel hose reinforced with steel spiral and aramid fiber, which withstands extremely high operating pressures, the low volumetric expansion provides fast response times and the rectified inner hole causes a minimum pressure drop.

The high pressure hose withstands high working pressure, while maintaining the same flexibility throughout its useful life. The long life, even in the most demanding applications, is the result of its manufacture in reinforced steel resistant to shocks, the cover resistant to abrasions and its high chemical resistance, its small outer diameter makes it ideal for places with small spaces. The inner diameters of the high pressure hose are from 3 mm to 25 mm with pressures ranging from 345 bar to 3200 bar.

There are configurations of twin or triple hose and we have the capacity to manufacture long lengths.
The inner tube of the high pressure hose is made of premium quality thermoplastic materials such as polyamide, polyoxymethylene, PVDF or PTFE. Depending on the application, the hose cover can be polyurethane, polyamide or PVDF.

The advantages of thermoplastic high pressure hose are:

  • Extremely high work pressures.
  • Excellent chemical resistance to detergents, solvents and chemical products.
  • 50% lighter compared to a rubber hose.
  • Resistant to ozone, ultraviolet light and aging.
  • External cover resistant to hydrolysis and microbes.
  • External cover with high resistance to abrasion.
  • Small bending radius at high flow volumes.
  • Low volumetric expansion at maximum operating pressure.
  • Low permeation rate.
  • Stable at high temperature (up to 200º C).
  • Resistance to twisting.
  • Minimum pressure drop.
  • Resistant to sea water.
  • Resistant to impulses and long life.
  • Long lengths can be delivered.

The connections available for the hoses are:

  • Male and female HP connections.
  • MP male connections.
  • Blast-Pro® male connections.
  • OnePiece® male connections.
  • Male NPT connections.
  • BSPP male connections.
  • Male connections BSPP external cone 100º.
  • BSPP male connection for USIT® ring.
  • Male flat seat connection.
  • Metric male connections.
  • Connection male DIN3852 T2 Form A.
  • Blast-Pro® female connection.
  • NPT female connection.
  • BSPP rotating female connections.
  • 24º rotating female connections.
  • Rotating female connections type M.
  • Rotating female connection with O-ring.
  • JIC swivel female connection.

We also have accessories such as:

  • Anti abrasion covers.
  • Hose protection with / without spiral.
  • Safety grip for hose.
  • Bending restrainers.

These hoses can be applied in:

  • Cleaning of heat exchanger tubes.
  • Pressure testing equipment.
  • Hydraulic tools.
  • Hydraulic jacks.
  • Waterjet.
  • Cut by water jet.
  • Hydro demolition.
  • Preparation of surfaces.
  • Concrete removal.
  • Paint removal.
  • Hydroforming.
  • Grease injection.
  • Chemical injection.
  • Underwater control of hydraulic components.
  • Nitrogen service.
  • Gas management.
  • Tank and tank cleaning.
  • Bolt tension and tension.
  • Torque wrenches.
  • Methanol service.
  • Well control.
  • Oil wells.
  • Oil exploration and production.
  • Pressure gauge instrumentation.
  • Rescue tools.

In our range of accessories available for high pressure we have a wide variety of adapters, distributors, manifolds and manometers. Adapters can be used with most quick couplings and hoses for secure and reliable connections up to 15,000 bar.

We have five different manifolds models that allow the connection of different hydraulic lines or the connection of several manometers to the same line. Therefore, we have the ability to offer safe, reliable hose assemblies with a long service life and also offer you solutions for your high pressure problems.