Welcome to this section, where we will talk a little about the Maximator high pressure pumps, which can be used for many technical applications in engineering and in the industry in general – even in areas with explosion risk. These pumps can pressurize water, oil, chemicals or special fluids in a reliable and economical way. The pumps are driven with compressed air from 1 to 10 bar.

Maximator pumps comply with zone 1, category 2G / 2D IIB TX explosion-proof area and are manufactured under ISO 9001 certification, and can also be manufactured under NACE standards upon request.

One of the main advantages of these products is that high pressure pumps are very easy to install and use, just connect the discharge and suction lines to the pump, as well as the air supply and pilot connections. The pump technology executes all the steps to build pressure automatically and the pump itself controls the process of reaching and maintaining the pressure.

The pumps stop when the operating pressure is reached, and due to the balance of forces, the pressure is maintained. It is worth mentioning that the phase of maintaining the pressure does not consume energy and does not generate heat. The pump is activated automatically if the pressure drops.

Now let’s see what are the other advantages of Maximator high pressure pumps:

  • Pressure regulation through the regulation of pneumatic pressure
  • The operation with compressed air allows them to operate in areas with risk of explosion
  • The operation of the pump stops once the pre-selected pressure has been reached
  • Ideal for most fluids and liquefied gases
  • Does not consume energy during pressure maintenance for long periods
  • Does not generate heat during the pressure maintenance period
  • Easy installation
  • Easy maintenance

Maximator high pressure pumps offer the right solution for every application. They are available for different flow rates, as well as different operating pressures. The models are available in six different sizes: M or P, S, G or L, GX, GPD and DPD, which you can find in our product catalog.

  • M or P pumps can provide up to 4500 bar and 15 l / min
  • S pumps up to 1000 bar and 18 l / min
  • G or L pumps up to 7000 bar and 29 l / min
  • GX pumps up to 1000 bar and 25 l / min
  • GPD pumps up to 3000 bar 48 l / min
  • DPD pumps up to 2100 bar and 8 l / min

General information for the operation of the pumps.
Pump Installation

Maximator pumps can be operated in any position; however, vertical operation is the best to prolong the life of the seals. In addition, the size of the connections must be preserved and not reduced.

The connections of the Maximator pumps are available in BSPP and NPT for pressures up to 1000 bar. For pressures greater than 1000 bar connections are available in sizes ¼, 3/8, 9/16, ¾ and 1 for pressures up to 7000 bar. Depending on the pressure range, one can distinguish between “Medium Pressure” (MP) 1500 bar, “High Pressure” (HP) 4500 bar and “Ultra High Pressure” 7000 bar.

Some applications that are given to these instruments are:

  • Lifting and clamping
  • Hydraulic applications
  • Presses
  • Torque and tension
  • Hydrostatic tests
  • Lubrication systems
  • Break tests and fatigue cycles
  • Calibration
  • Cutting and cleaning with water
  • Leak test
  • Emergency closure systems (BOP)
  • Pressurization of accumulators for testing
  • Operation and control for well equipment
  • Injection of inhibitors
  • Refrigerant injection
  • Aviation and automotive tests
  • Pipe tests
  • Actuation of underwater valves
  • Generation of pressure for extraction of bearings, shafts and mandrels

With the Maximator pumps we can also create hydraulic units such as:

  • Pump skids
  • Test carts
  • Powerpacks
  • Special designs

The hydraulic units for fluids such as oil, water and special chemicals are ready to be connected and can provide pressures up to 7000 bar. These hydraulic units can be used for all kinds of tests and clamping or for other functions that require a certain pressure.

The hydraulic units will be equipped with all the required components such as pneumatic control unit, pneumatic manometer, high pressure manometer, supply, isolation and blocking valves. On the side of high pressure we can include a pressure relief valve and/or rupture disc as well as a block manifold with one or several pressure outputs to connect the parts to be tested.

In the same way we can integrate it with accessories for each application such as electronic measuring and/or control devices, tanks, quick couplings, high pressure hose or high pressure tubing, pressure switch, valves float, directional valves operated pneumatically or electrically, etc. The hydraulic units can be used in areas with risk of explosion because they do not require electric power to operate. In the same way we can manufacture test benches according to your requirements. Hoses, tubes, tanks, accumulators, valves, connections, plastic or ceramic components as well as special components of diesel injection (rails, nozzles, injectors, nozzle holders) and vehicle components (cartridges for air bags, cams, gears) can be tested with our systems.

Our line of test benches includes:

  • Pressure test bench
  • Break test benches
  • Impulse benches and durability
  • Leak test bench
  • Functional test bench

We invite you to visit our page, and do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We will be very happy to help you.