We receive once again each one of our readers who, week by week, visit MaxipressTec’s Blog to know in detail the information we offer about the products we put in their hands. On this occasion, our article will focus on talking about one of our flagship products: Hydraulic units, which are ready to connect and operate properly. We hope that the information that we will present below will be very useful and allow you to resolve the many doubts that you have on this subject.

The first thing you should know about the hydraulic units that we offer at MaxipressTec is that they are extremely efficient, not only because they have been manufactured with the best materials, but also because their production process has been carried out under the highest quality standards and sophistication that are the principal characteristics for this branch. This way, the hydraulic units that we offer have the capacity to handle fluids such as oil and aggressive fluids (if necessary) and we can generate pressures of up to 5500 bar, a quantity of pressure that very few hydraulic pumps can boast and eventually have .

Also, it is very important that you know that the technology implemented in our hydraulic pumps allows users to use them for all kinds of tests or clamping of parts, as well as other functions required at certain pressures. You should know that at MaxipressTec we are concerned and we are in charge of designing the best hydraulic units that meet the needs of our customers, even the most complicated needs that seem impossible to solve. At MaxipresTec we have a team specialized in engineering, who will offer you the best options available in the market to solve your liquid pressure problems.

You should know that at MaxipressTec we constantly renew and train our employees to offer our customers the most successful and beneficial hydraulic pressure solutions for their business. For the design and development of hydraulic units we have the following options:

  • Tanks from one liter to 70 liters.
  • Stainless steel structures, for example, can be a skid, a cart, a cabinet or any other design you need.
  • Shut-off valves and fluid opening actuated manually, pneumatically or electrically.
  • Shut-off valve and air opening actuated manually, pneumatically or electrically.
  • High pressure needle valves actuated manually, pneumatically or electrically (with needle valves actuated electrically we have the ability to regulate the flow).
  • Pneumatic filters.
  • Pneumatic regulator operated manually or electrically.
  • Safety options such as rupture disc and relief valves.
  • Pressure gauges with NIST traceability and calibration certificate or pressure transducers.
  • Digital or analog pressure recorders as well as real-time pressure recording by Bluetooth®.
  • Single-pump or two-pump hydraulic units (one high-flow pump for quick filling and one high-pressure pump).
  • Capabilities of ATEX equipment.

Together with the units we can also provide accessories such as:

  • High pressure hose assemblies (up to 4500 bar).
  • Quick high pressure couplings (up to 2000 bar).
  • High pressure adapters up to 5500 bar.
  • High pressure tubing lines (1/4 to 1 “depending on flow and pressure).

As you can see, our team of engineers is highly trained and prepared to offer you multiple solutions to meet your high pressure needs. Very few companies can offer this feature, but in MaxipressTec we have achieved this due to the commitment we have had throughout our existence with each one of our clients, which has allowed us to position ourselves as a leading company in the branch of hydraulic units, an element that very few companies can boast due to the quality of the products they offer.

In the same way, it is very important for us, the MaxipressTec experts, to tell you that we also have experts in maintenance and repair of hydraulic pumps and high pressure units. Our service has completely satisfied all our customers, because they know very well that we have a team of professionals in the field and that, in addition, we use top quality materials for repair, so that the useful life is much more prolonged than that offered by other companies, which use poor quality products that only generate problems for high pressure units that generate higher costs to the owners of companies or industries.

So you already know, dear readers, if you wish to acquire any of our products hydraulic units or require the maintenance of a hydraulic system, it is best to get in touch with our specialists, who will treat you with the cordiality and respect you deserve.

Remember well that our team will be happy to help you with your application, call us to review your requirements or send us an email if you prefer. If you want to know more about the wide range of services we offer, do not hesitate to visit the official website of MaxipressTec, where you will find our wide range of services and products, which, we are sure, will satisfy all your needs.