The importance of in-line filters in industrial compressed air machinery

There is no doubt that in-line filters are essential for compressed air to have excellent quality. Unfortunately we must say that in the industrial sector, they are the least attended, in such a way that in the majority of the occasions, the failures in the machinery are due to the lack of maintenance of these important elements. That is why, in this new post for the Maxipresstec blog, we will explain in detail the characteristics of our line filter repair services, as well as the characteristics of the large number of products related to flow, pressure and water solutions, movement, specialized in high pressure applications (from 600 to 17000 bar). We hope that the information that we present below will be very useful to solve the many questions you have regarding this interesting topic and also allow them to better understand why we are a leading company in the field.

The line filter is a device that is used in the industrial sector for the correct treatment of compressed air. The main function of this type of filter is to clean the compressed air as much as possible, eliminating all kinds of impurities and even bacteria that can modify industrial chemical processes. For this reason it is that those who use them in their machinery consider them as the great allies to achieve that the production is the best and the most adequate.

Unfortunately, as we have already mentioned, despite being so important in compressed air installations, many technicians responsible for maintaining the machines do not take them into consideration, which generates economic losses for the industries, not only because it damages the industrial chemical processes, but also because the machine is more prone to suffer much more serious and costly breakdowns to repair.

With the in-line filters, it is also possible to adapt the quality of the air / compressed gas, which will depend on the needs of each of the industries. It is very common that the way to estimate the level of quality of the air or gas, according to what the industry uses, is carried out following the ISO 8573-1 standard (in the case of Mexico). This regulation seeks to regulate the maximum level of pollutants in compressed air; this refers to the amount of moisture, particles and oil residual. If compressed air is not regulated under this regulation, it is very possible that the industry will be subject to a sanction that could affect the company’s general finances and, in extreme cases, cause it to go bankrupt. This way we can affirm that the line filter is essential in the modern industry around the world.

The environment from which it is aspirated in air compressors is very variable; no matter how clean the atmosphere surrounding the compressor seems, there is no doubt that there will be some element in suspension or some bacteria that contaminates the compressed air system, so in-line filters should never be missing and should always be found in perfect conditions, since this will help the industrial processes to be carried out in the best way. From the simplest installation to the most complex one, it is essential that the line filter is available; in the case of compressed air used in the medical sector, it is very important to analyze the maximum limits of contaminants that exist in the air, in order to select the most appropriate filter for each of the cases; if this is not done, patients could be directly affected, since there would be contaminants in medical equipment or other elements that are sterilized with compressed air.

Those who are experts in this field or those who specialize in repairing or changing in-line filters, know in advance that the structure of the filters is very similar among the different manufacturers; the only thing that changes is the internal structure, since the improvement in load losses depends on it. It is also important to say that another of the elements that vary are the materials of the filtering elements, which are extremely important and must be manufactured with raw material of first level, meaning that they must have really high quality and resistance, which offer a longer period of life of the materials. On the other hand, the line filter also tends to vary with respect to the degree of efficiency and the design of the element itself, although in this sense, the expert in the field will choose the one that best suits the needs of the industry; if you do not choose the right one, the failures could occur in a very short time.

In the case of materials, as well as production processes, the most important thing is to choose the best quality line filter, because they will offer a much longer life time, and of course they will make the operation of the compressed air machines the best and the most suitable one. That is why, before you acquire a line filter, the most important thing is to carry out an investigation that allows them to know which the best companies that exist in the field are and that, without a doubt, will offer them products of the highest quality. For this, the most important thing is that you go with the experts of Maxipresstec, a company specialized in the sale of products such as pressure intensifiers, gas boosters, air amplifiers, valves, adapters, connections and high pressure tubing, quick couplings, miniBooster, Pyplok connections and ultra-high pressure hoses. At Maxipresstec we are a company that has leading commercial partners in the high pressure field and we are exclusive distributors of Maximator®, Maxpro®, miniBoosters®, Pyplok® and CEJN®. So if you want to purchase in-line filters of the highest quality and at competitive prices, it is best to get in touch with the experts of our company. Remember that we are a specialized firm committed to the total satisfaction of our customers.