In Maxipresstec we specialize in machine manufacturing that companies need to be able to work and carry out their production in a more efficient and faster way, part of our specialty as a company is to build special machines, of high precision and strength so that they can perform any work without fear of a little durability or an error in the same system of our machines.

To be able to create the machines that your company needs, it is important to have a previous direct contact with the client in order to know exactly what their company needs to cover the product demand in a fast way and with quality results.

Surely you know several of our equipment, such as test benches and high pressure equipment, but it should be mentioned that we do not focus solely on these devices, because the manufacture of machines goes beyond a couple of models, is to design and create the special machine with which you can optimize your processes, so you can reduce the costs of them and have a better manufacturing in all your products.

As we mentioned previously, for the machine manufacturing, all the information that the client can provide us is required, on which product is the one that will be created with this machine or which process is the one that requires it to perform, what strength does it require and what conditions does it have in the own factory of the company, once we have compiled all the pertinent information, we take the idea and the sketches with the industrial designer, who is in charge of giving form and visualizing correctly all the components that your special machine needs to be created .

Once we have the design, we present all the options and advantages that it has, leaving it to your approval with the possibility of removing or implementing more components and functions that are favorable for the work in your factory.

Once you have given us the approval on the design of your machine and that you have a clear image of it in its entirety, we can start to manufacture piece by piece, in the most meticulous way and governed by the cutting patterns that are obtained from the design.

The assembly is done with precision and with the best machines we have for this task, once the machine is already assembled, a series of tests are carried out to make sure that it works correctly and with the strength and precision that characterizes each one of our products, the tests are carried out with the customer present to ensure that there is no modification and that the machine works perfectly.

Once it has been verified that the machine works perfectly and that the relevant tests have been performed in front of our client, it is time to take the final result to your facilities, where our highly qualified staff will install it and give you all the details of its operation.

When you acquire a machine with us, you have technical support and advice so you can work with your new acquisition without any problem and you can get the results you expect thanks to the work of the new machine.

Our catalog is very broad and we have the ability to create special machines for various items and specific jobs, some of the machines we have developed are the following:

  • Pigment mixers.
  • Screw stations.
  • Ultrasonic welding stations.
  • Glue application stations.
  • Riveting station.
  • Leak testing machines.
  • Checkers.
  • Testers.
  • Assembly verification stations.
  • Roundtables.
  • Manufacture of conveyors.
  • Rollers and many more.

Specifications and scope

No matter how simple or how complex you need your new machine, at Maxipresstec we are able to develop all kinds of machinery so you can optimize your manufacturing processes, we have manufactured fully automated machines with PLC, pressure transducers, cells charge, pyrometers, computers and remote control.

If you need us to adhere to a specific standard that you are used to working with, we can do it without any problem and with all the specifications that you give us so that the machine you obtain is just what you need.

Within our offer you can count on the following options:

  • The best brands as components.
  • Modular programming.
  • Control and security devices.
  • Handling of all types of sensors.
  • Real-time machine visualization capability.
  • Data storage and transmission.
  • Fully modular design which allows us to add capabilities to your equipment.
  • We can add installation and commissioning in your plant, or if it requires remote assistance via internet.
  • Training of its personnel for maintenance and start-up.
  • Original spare parts for maintenance.
  • Warranty and after-sales service.

In Maxipresstec we are proud of our work and our team, we have the best engineers and industrial designers with the ability to create the best machines for your company, we are the best in machine manufacturing, we are sure that you will be more than satisfied with our work and that you will be able to go further in your production thanks to our special machines of high quality. If you have any doubt about our manufacturing process, come to us, we will answer each one of your questions. If you want a quotation, you can contact us through our email or through the telephone line with one of our engineers, we are waiting for you.