At Maxipresstec you will find the best oscillating mini-Boosters in our wide range of products, since we are at the forefront of technology. These intensifiers have a new technology that allows you to have a great power of intensification in a reduced size. Our intention is to be able to offer you all the benefits that a normal booster offers, but economizing in the total space it occupies, for your convenience, and also to increase its usefulness within the work area and, in a certain way, to give it a greater mobility to be smaller.

The different technologies that we have developed in recent years allow us to equip our house, workshop or office with useful tools that facilitate our daily tasks; in fact it is difficult to think about the current world without the facilities that the machines offer us. Precisely within this context, is that Maxipresstec puts at your service its wide range of offers to find the materials and tools with the best technology available in the market so that you can cover all types of professional needs or even give them a personal use in different projects that you may be carrying out.

Basically miniBoosters are hydraulic pressure intensifiers (exclusively water or oil) that, from a low pressure source, increase it up to 5000 bar pressure, depending on the type of miniBooster in question.

MiniBoosters are compact in size, easily adaptable to any existing hydraulic circuit and can be integrated into a manifold if you need it. With these intensifiers you can operate the high pressure circuit when you need it, so you can decrease the pump size of your hydraulic system and achieve a less robust and more economical design, since the intensifier can practically be placed in the spot where you really need the high pressure.

The hydraulic multipliers are made of steel and stainless steel, so they can easily handle water and even salt water, due to their compact size and resistance they can be used in ROV vehicles.

The pressure multipliers are divided into the following families:

  • HC1 Pressure range: 24-800 bar Output flow rate: 0.3-0.5 l / min
  • HC2 Pressure range 24-800 bar Output flow rate: 0.3-2.5 l / min
  • HC3 Pressure range 24-500 bar Output flow rate: 0.3-2.5 l / min
  • HC5 Pressure range 26-800 bar Output flow rate: 0.3-2.5 l / min
  • HC4 Pressure range 26-800 bar Output flow rate: 0.7-5.5 l / min
  • HC2D Pressure range 24-800 bar Output flow rate: 0.7-11 l / min
  • HC6 Pressure range 24-800 bar Output flow rate: 1.5-11 l / min
  • HC6D Pressure range 24-800 bar Output flow rate: 11.2-56 l / min
  • HC7 Pressure range 100-2000 bar Output flow rate: 0.3-1.6 l / min
  • HC8 Pressure range 100-2000 bar Output flow rate: 0.3-1.6 l / min
  • HC9 Pressure range 220-5000 bar Output flow rate: 0.3-1.8 l / min
  • HC6D2 Pressure range 20-800 bar Output flow rate: 6-41 l / min

Oscillating multipliers have three models:

  • Model A: Without loading valve. Its purpose is to relieve high pressure externally. To achieve this, a reaction valve is used and is activated by a pilot.
  • Model B: With discharge valve. It allows relieving the high pressure by letting it flow into the tank.
  • Model G: Proportional direct control

The connections available for low pressure ports are ¼ BSP or 7 / 16-20 UNF, in the case of high pressure ports the options are ¼ BSP and 9/16-18 UNF (1/4 HP)

Why invest in expensive high-pressure pumps when you can get the same performance with your existing low-pressure power source and a compact miniBooster® hydraulic multiplier? Here is a list of some of the various ways in which you can use this article so conveniently designed to be used in any space thanks to its compact design.

Here we present some of the applications where you can find the use of the miniBooster:

  • Clamping of pieces
  • Bolt tension
  • Plastics injection machinery
  • Rescue tools
  • Equipment for maintenance of railways
  • Heavy machinery
  • Oil and gas
  • Hydraulic tools
  • BOP
  • Grease injection
  • Mining
  • Hydraulic test equipment
  • Concrete crushers
  • High voltage generators
  • Applications of mobile hydraulics

The hydraulic multiplier is simply a lighter and more compact solution that exists almost for any application. There are 12 different multiplication coefficients to adjust to your pressure needs. Each of the components and systems has been thoroughly tested before delivery, so you can be sure that this hydraulic multiplier will not let you down. Take advantage of our lightweight, compact and energy-saving design to reduce your operating costs. We are sure that the technology that we put at your disposal is of the best quality that is available right now in the market anywhere, so our equipment offers you great reliability and long life, giving a better return on your investment .In addition, we also have our integrated equipment, completely ready to connect and start using almost immediately since you place them wherever you want them to work. Call us to know more about these intensifiers and know their applications, our staff will be more than happy to be able to serve you. Come to the advice of our experts so that together with you we can evaluate your needs and offer you a quotation that manages to cover all your particular requirements, without any commitment we give you a quote of what you may need.

Let the years of experience we have at Maxipresstec be at your service so that the best quality and technology in the market will support you in any investment you make.