Welcome to this section where we will explain in broad terms, what are the fittings, the different models that exist and the applications that are currently given to them in the market. Whether you’re looking to buy one of these products, or you’re interested in learning more about it, read on.

The Pyplok connector is a revolutionary union system for pipes and connections that incorporates a unique sealing system, using a combination of metal-metal joints and 4 O-rings that make the Pyplok fitting ideal for pipes with wide tolerances or an irregular surface finish.

One of its most advantageous features is that the elastomeric seals that have at the ends prevent the entry of external contaminants into the system; in addition, the elastomeric inner seals prevent any leakage so that we can have a completely hermetic and leak-free union.

The Pyplok fittings system is extremely versatile, as it can be used in pipes that conduct liquids or gases. Also, these products, thanks to the material with which they are manufactured, have a wide compatibility with fluids, since at the present time there are different types of elastomers and a great variety of alloys, with which these fittings can be manufactured.

Now, the fitting contains the following specifications:

  • Standard sizes of ¼ to 4 inches.
  • Metric sizes 6 to 66 mm.
  • Working pressure up to 690 bar (10000 psi).
  • Temperature range -54º C to 232º C. (-65.2 F to 449.6 F)
  • Available for pipe (NPS), inch tubing and metric tubing.
  • Alloys: steel, stainless steel AISI 316, Cupronickel, Duplex, Super Duplex, Hastelloy, brass and naval brass, or even can also be manufactured in any other alloy you need for your project.
  • Available configurations: straight joints, tees, elbows at 90º, elbows at 45º, reducers, flanges 150 #, flanges 300 #, male JIC, union CPV, flange SAE cod. 61, SAE flange cod. 62, male BSPP, metric male, flange DIN 2501, flange ISO 6162-1, flange ISO 6162-2, can also be manufactured in the connection you need.
  • Elastomers available for seals: EPDM, Viton and Nitrile.

Now let’s proceed to explain how the Pyplok fitting is installed, and although it is really an easy process, it is worth mentioning these brief 7 steps that can serve as a guide, if it is the first time you use one of these items:

  1. First, the maximum and minimum diameters must be measured with the inspection gauge.
  2. Next, the tube should be cut to the required dimension and the burrs should be removed.
  3. After this the pipe is marked with the gauge, in order to position the connector in the correct place (remember that both ends of the pipe are marked).
  4. Subsequently, the Pyplok connector must be placed on the mark that we just made in the previous point.
  5. Then place the portable pressing tool on the connector and crimp the connector on the pipe, with this tool the assembly is completed in seconds, and the best thing is that it can be done practically anywhere.
  6. When finishing the process, do not forget to check the position of the connector against the marks that your already made.
  7. Finally it will be necessary to check the crimp diameters with the calibrator.

IT´S READY!!! In 7 small steps we have completed the installation of the Pyplok connections, which will have a permanent, reliable, safe and leak-free connection.

As you can tell, the crimp process is done in seconds, so you can make many more connections and assemblies than with traditional processes such as pipe welding, which besides being a slower process, needs more equipment and security. On the contrary, if you decide to use Pyplok connections, this new material will contribute to your installation projects being completed in a much shorter time and with the same quality and duration that welding would offer.

It is worth mentioning that the Pyplok connector is approved by ABS, ABSA, TSSA, ASME, CCS, PTC, DNV, NAVSEA, Lloyd’s, Bureau Veritas, US coast guard, among others, which demonstrates its incomparable quality and the guarantee that you will be acquiring a durable product.

The Pyplok connector is a safe, reliable and cold-working technology without the costs associated with welding. On the other hand, the training for its installation is very fast and simple, since it is not required that the installer has knowledge or special skills, so that anyone can do it. However, if you have any doubts before starting, do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you to make it an impeccable installation.

Another advantage that we would like to enhance is that because there are no sparks or heat during the process of use and installation, Pyplok fittings can be used perfectly in areas with explosion risk, which makes it an ideal solution for refineries, gas processors or chemical plants and other environments where these risks exist.

Lastly, we will mention the areas where Pyplok connectors can be used, as proof of their versatility:

  • Refineries
  • Mining
  • Testing and simulations
  • Iron and steel
  • Shipbuilding
  • Platforms
  • Oil and gas
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Construction of industrial buildings
  • Cement plants
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical plants
  • Sugar mills
  • Earth and naval fire systems (water mist and water fog)
  • Dams
  • Shipyards
  • Paper Industry
  • Salt industry

With the Pyplok connector, connect your company with success.