We warmly welcome all customers and readers who once again visit the official website of MaxipressTec to know in detail the information about our products and quality services, which we offer to meet your needs of hydraulic pumps. On this occasion, our article will focus on talking about one of our flagship products: repair kits for hydraulic equipment.

The truth is that they should know that at MaxipressTec we also specialize in maintenance and booster repair, high pressure valves and actuators, all with the quality and the guarantee that has supported us over more than ten years, in MaxipressTec and that have allowed us to have a great variety of devices.

In MaxipressTec we know the importance of keeping all your machinery in perfect conditions to ensure that your work has the best quality in the market, therefore, we strive to offer you all our products with the highest quality and our repair kits are a clear example of this, do not worry if at some point you realize that your team begins to present the natural wear and tear of time and work, we have the solution for you to continue working in the best way.

It is very important that you know that our repair kits contain each and every one of the essential replacement parts in order to provide the hydraulic pump system with adequate maintenance that allows it to significantly prolong its useful life. Thus, you will not have to worry about their booster pumps and the parts they are installing in it, because, as we already mentioned, our parts are of the highest quality. In addition, they have been designed by repair experts, who have integrated the compounds of the essential sections of a machine:

  • Spool kit.
  • Pneumatic section kit.
  • Hydraulic section kit.
  • Check Valve kit.

But if what you require of the repair kits is only the acquisition of one or two sections, in MaxipressTec we have the faculty to provide you with the section you need. In addition, to be able to carry out maintenance effectively, each of our repair kits includes its own lubricant, to facilitate the optimal installation of each of the parts that make up your booster. Also, as an added value, this lubricant is manufactured to repel water, thus avoiding the need to look for another lubricant, as it is specially designed for Booster Maximator.

Do not worry if you need to maintain your valves or actuators. If you need it, for your valves we have different kits, which contain seals, gaskets and high pressure needles thus achieving the hermetic at high pressure. For your pneumatic actuators we have repair kits that will serve to maintain the worn seals or, failing that, to replace them with new ones regardless of whether the shutter is open or closed.

It is very important that you always keep in mind that you must identify which piece or pieces are failing so that you know the corrective actions that must be carried out. Also, always remember to adopt the adequate security measures that allow you to carry out the activity without any problem that puts your physical integrity at risk.

If you have located where the wear or failure is, you should start preparing to perform the maintenance of your pumps, boosters, valves or shutters and go with us, just pay attention to the recommendations that we made below to acquire the repair kit that will be appropriate for your needs:

  • In the case of pumps or boosters: you only need to have the model and the serial number.
  • In the case of valves and valves actuated: you only need to have the model.

Also, do not worry about the units in existence or the variety of repair kits that we have, our inventory is coarse, so you will not have to set aside, request in advance or go with another provider, all you have to do is contact us, have the above information and request what you are looking for.

We not only take care of offer our clients the best kit, we are also aware of the importance of knowing the products you are acquiring with us, therefore, our staff is fully trained in the subject to provide the best advice to make the best purchase choice.

But if what you want is more complex advice, we suggest you go to our facilities so that we can gladly help you with useful information and even with a technical test. We want you to consider us as one of your trusted suppliers; therefore, we strive to be a company that, in addition to excel for our articles, also stands out for the service in counseling, so do not hesitate to express your concerns. Remember that your machinery must be taken care of in the best way, so, we invite you to always give constant maintenance with the correct parts and equipment; as well as having spare pieces. We suggest you always look for original pieces or accessories that are unique to the machinery you are repairing, this, will allow you to have better results and, above all, to extend the lifetime of your machinery.

At MaxipressTec we are pleased to be able to offer you everything that you need, wherever you are. In order to achieve this, we will have an office near you. It is also very important that you know that the prices of our repair kits, like the rest of our products and services, are highly competitive, so you can be sure that your repair will be the best and most suitable to prolong the lifetime of your pump. If you need any advice on the products you have purchased with us, do not hesitate to call us or contact us, we are available to take you, step by step, for the maintenance of your machinery.