We assure you QUALITY in all our products and in our services. We offer you:



We listen to the needs of our clients in order to create the best solution for them. From the concepts to the installation, our engineers will be ensuring your satisfaction at each stage of the project.

Through the knowledge and experience of our engineers, we automate processes and/or improve designs, generating savings and increasing productivity for the benefit of our customers.


Repair of high pressure equipment

In MaxipressTec we seek to satisfy the most demanding needs of our customers in relation to high pressure systems and we do so by providing not only top-quality products, but also offering maintenance and repair services to ensure the quality of the processes and the optimal functioning of the equipment that the customer has acquired.

Thanks to our original spare parts and qualified engineers we can guarantee the best service to prolong the life of your high-pressure equipment.



We have experts who thoroughly review their current system to perform an objective analysis and provide an assessment with emphasis on the most appropriate parameters according to their needs, specifically stipulating those necessary modifications to modernize their system, work in a much more effective way and save resources.


Technical advice

We are a company committed to meet the needs of our customers by providing solutions that increase their productivity, profitability and reduce waste in their operations. We have experienced and highly qualified staff as well as the support of global brands of high pressure equipment. We put at your service all this vast knowledge in order to find the best solution to any application.

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At MaxipressTec we can also support you with your requirements for low pressure hoses and connections, hydraulic filters, process filters, instrumentation equipment, high seal connections, regulators, gas generators, diagnostic equipment, electromechanical equipment, positive displacement pumps as well as hydraulic and industrial pneumatics.

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