Maxipresstec is not only known for developing test benches, but also for being a distributor of high pressure equipment. We also commit to the design and development of products tailored to our customers, seeking not only to meet their needs, but also to always exceed their expectations. Thanks to this, today Maxipresstec is considered as a leading company in the field and increasingly attracts more and more customers.

As we mentioned before, within the products that characterize us and that we have developed ourselves are the test benches. The benches that we have developed and that we offer to our clients have been several and of different capacities. We hope that after reading the following text you have no doubt about this product. In this post we will briefly describe the characteristics and applications of the benches that we have manufactured, which are the following:

Pneumatic test benches

At Maxipresstec we have developed and manufactured benches for pneumatic tests with air capacities of up to 345 bar, although they usually range from 41 to 69 bar. However, our banks for pneumatic tests have been designed to be used in tests that require a technical rigor and higher quality; for example: verification of safety valves, testing of thermoplastics, testing of packaging, among other applications. Maxipresstec is one of the most recognized companies in the national territory for the development of banks for pneumatic tests with air capacities up to 345 bar.

Gas test benches

We have also manufactured banks for gas testing up to 2070 bar pressure, which are usually used for air bags, injectors, valves for well control, Christmas trees and other products that by their nature require the testing of leakage of dangerous or flammable fluids, generally for these test benches we used gases such as nitrogen or helium. Undoubtedly, in Maxipresstec we know very well that this type of banks for gas testing, like all those that we manufacture, require a lot of care in their production, because if they do not have it, the companies that request our quality services could have losses that would be catastrophic for the company’s finances.

Hydrostatic test benches

Likewise, in our facilities we have the capacity to develop hydrostatic equipment with capacities of up to 7500 bar of pressure. Of the hydrostatic benches that we have developed for our various customers, some have been intended for automotive parts, valves, pressure vessels, hoses, cooling coils, to name a few of the applications. All this has been possible thanks to the quality that our engineers print in each of the test benches; also, it is important to say that we always use the highest quality materials that have been manufactured under the most demanding production standards that are known all over the world today.

Specifications and scope

Thanks to the technology we have, together with our highly trained staff, we can develop your bank as simple or as complex as you wish, according to the needs of each company or sector. In our years of experience we have manufactured a wide variety of models, such as fully manual banks with analog gauges, up to fully automated machines with PLC, as well as pressure transducers, computers and remote control, everything is possible and will depend on the requirements and scope that are necessary.

Test benches

Within our offer you can have the following options:

  • Equipment for conventional tests or impulse tests up to one million cycles.
  • The best high pressure brands as components.
  • High pressure valves actuated manually, pneumatically or electrically (with electrically operated valves we have the ability to control the flow).
  • Low pressure valves operated manually, pneumatically or electrically.
  • Manual or electric air pressure regulators.
  • Pressure transducers and valve positioning sensors.
  • Ability to display tests in real time.
  • Storage and transmission of data.
  • Alarm for failure of pressure range, pressure maintenance or any other that you wish to add.
  • Completely modular design, which allows us to add capabilities to your team.
  • We can add installation and commissioning in your plant, or if you require it we have remote assistance via internet.
  • Original spare parts for maintenance.
  • Guarantee and after-sales service.

As you read in the text, the specialists who work at Maxipresstec have the necessary experience to develop the best products. So now you know, if you need a bank to test hoses or other pressure devices, do not hesitate to contact our engineers, who will advise you in the best way to offer you the best bench for testing pressure devices. Remember that in Maxipresstec our main driver of life is the total satisfaction of each and every one of our customers. At Maxipresstec it is a pleasure to serve you, so do not hesitate to contact any of our specialists, who will treat you with the respect, cordiality and professionalism that you all deserve. Remember that the most important thing to achieve success is the quality work and, at Maxipresstec, we always offer quality, both in our services and in the materials we use in each and every one of our production processes. Finally, it is essential for you, dear readers, to know that at Maxipresstec we are always working on the continuous improvement of our processes and the preparation of our professionals. Remember that for us it will be a pleasure to serve you, do not hesitate and please call us to clarify any of your questions.